An inside look at this classic 1956 Chevy truck

Cape Fear Weekend will be joining WECT as they hit the road once again this summer for Highway 6. New this year, we will be joined by a classic, antique car.

Cape Fear Weekend will be joining WECT as they hit the road once again this summer for Highway 6.

This week we’re gearing up for our first Highway 6 of the season. We’ll be at the White Lake Water Festival in Bladen County this Friday and Saturday.

New this year, we will be joined by a classic, antique car.

WECT let its viewers vote on which car they wanted to see on the road and the viewers chose a 1956 Chevy truck.

The truck is currently owned by Bob and Jennifer Lancaster, who are avid classic car collectors.

But before this car was in the Lancaster’s possession it was owned by Bobby Harrelson.

Originally, the car was purchased in Loris, South Carolina by Harrelson’s father-in-law in the fall of 1955.

Harrelson said his father in law always took the best care of the car.

“It never saw a day that it sat out in the weather,” Harrelson said.

When his father-in-law passed away around 15 years ago, Harrelson asked the family if he could have the car.

“I’ve always liked old vehicles,” Harrelson said. “And old men like things that bring them back to the memories of their younger days.”

“A pickup, when I was a boy in the country, was a pretty special thing,” Harrelson added. “It was a tool that farmers had. You didn’t play around with the pickup. The boys didn’t jack them up and do all the things that they do with them now. It was a tool to haul your goods to the market. And it just brings back my memory of being raised on a farm and I have very fond memories of that.”

Harrelson got to a point in his life where he wasn’t using the car as much. He said these types of cars don’t do well if they aren’t being used.

Bob and Jennifer Lancaster had been good friends with Harrelson for a while and told him that whenever he was ready to give the car up, they would be honored to take it off his hands and keep it in the same great condition that Harrelson and his father-in-law had kept it in.

“I said ‘the best thing I can do is to get it into somebody’s hands who really cares for it and will take care of it and use it some and keep it up,’” Harrelson said. “So I called Jennifer and she and Bob came and picked it up and I couldn’t be prouder to know where it is, know how it’s being taken care of. I know it’s not just another item being bought by some antique collector. It’s by somebody who really cares about what they have and what they do.”

Bob and Jennifer have been collecting antique cars for about 20 years.

In 1999 Bob bought his first antique car which was a 1968 Firebird. He restored it and started taking it to car shows.

Later, he saw a Model A for sale in the paper and went to go look at it. He ended up buying it and fell in love with it.

“I didn’t know anything about Model A’s but then I started meeting people that had those kinds of cars,” Bob said. “A lot of those guys were WWII veterans and there was a wealth of knowledge from those guys. I like talking about the war and cars and what they did when they were young fellas and it just kind of spiraled from there.”

Today, the two have a diverse collection of antique cars.

“It’s not typical of what you see in most car collections,” Jennifer said. “We try to have things that are unique or different than what you would normally see at a regular car show.”

Jennifer likes Bob’s Model A, but says she’s more of a truck girl herself. So when the opportunity to take the 56 Chevy truck off of Harrelson’s hands came about, she knew she couldn’t pass it up.

The couple does more with their car collection than just show them at car shows.

“We drive them around, put them in parades, we do everything that we can to promote antique education and to further the hobby so that younger people will want to collect antique cars too,” Jennifer said. “Once a year we take them to Wilmington Christian Academy and the 5th grade class comes out and we do a session where they can ask questions,” Bobby said. “One funny thing that a lot of them don’t know about is windows that have hand cranks to roll them up. That really is pretty fascinating to them.”

You can see this car for yourself at WECT’s Highway 6 at the White Lake Water Festival, Friday May 17.