Brews and skeeball is what this Wilmington Brewskee-ball league is all about

11 years ago Brewskee-ball was brought to the Port City.

11 years ago Brewskee-ball was brought to the Port City.

Brewskee-ball is exactly what it sounds like. Skeeball, while enjoying some brews.

Adrian Varnum, who was originally from Wilmington, started the bar sport in Brooklyn. He later moved back to Wilmington and started a league here.

Since then the league has traveled all over the country to compete in national Brewskee-ball competitions. They even have a national champion in the group.

Mary Patman, the Wilmington Brewskee-ball skee-E-O says there is not typical person among the group.

“We’ve got everyone across the board profession wise,” Patman said. “We’ve got artists. We’ve got restaurant workers. We’ve got CEO’s and it’s just across the board which makes it a really fun place to come and meet people you would never meet in your day to day life.”

Katie Giacalone, a brewskee-ball league member, says skeeball was an important part of her life growing up and she feels like the league brings out her childhood.

“It brings your childhood back to life but as an adult. With beer,” Giacalone said.

Giacalone said the Wilmington league is one of the smallest in the country compared to other cities like Los Angeles. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the best.

“We may be small but we’re mighty.”

If you’re interested in joining the Wilmington Brewskee-ball league you can check out their website here.