Gifts that give back

At niche. Décor and Gifts, every season is gift season.

At niche. Décor and Gifts, every season is gift season.

Many of the brands in the store also give a portion of their proceeds to charities or work with foundations that help the community. So, when you buy a gift from niche., you’re not only giving, you’re also giving back.

The following are some brands in the store that give back.

  • Sand Straws

    • These eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to clean straws come in a variety of fun colors. 10% of their net profits go to support a sea animal and ocean cleanup.


  • Faceplant

    • The Faceplant bamboo pajamas you can find in niche. are not only some of the softest pj’s around, but they give back to the educational needs of girls in the United States.


  • Farmhouse Fresh

    • This skincare product line uses natural and naturally derived ingredients and they even have an animal sanctuary for animals that have been neglected or abused.


  • Missio

    • This affordable, luxury hair product line has heavenly, uplifting scents and they also help people. At least 30% of every purchase of each of the Missio products goes to the fight against human trafficking.


  • Fabu

    • With every piece of Fabu jewelry you buy, they provide 5-10 meals for refugees in Thailand to help the fight against global hunger.


  • EnVBags

    • The reusable EnVBags fold up into a pouch so it takes up minimal storage space and helps you limit your use of single-use plastic bags.


  • Blue Planet Glasses

    • When you buy a pair of these eco-friendly, bamboo glasses, Blue Planet donates a pair to someone who needs them. They come in all styles and strengths.


  • Brayden & Brooks

    • Brayden & Brooks frames are made from repurposed wood from architectural treasures in Holland and Europe.


  • Caren

    • Caren products are made with Aloe Vera and made in the U.S. They donate money to help support breast and childhood cancer.


  • Seven Seeds Facial Serum

    • This facial serum is full of vitamins and nutrients and is truly a gift for your face.


For more information on any of these products, head to or visit their store to experience gifting with a purpose.

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