Go on virtual rides while the Disney parks are closed

(Source: Walt Disney World)
(Source: Walt Disney World)

I’m sure a lot of you had plans to go to Disney this spring that have obviously been canceled, which is heartbreaking.

Here’s something that’s not as good as being there but may at least bring you a little bit of that Disney magic while in quarantine.

There are tons of ride-through videos posted on YouTube that make you feel like you’re *almost* there.

So don’t worry, you can still get the “It’s a Small World” song stuck in your head without even being there. (You’re welcome for mentioning that so that it will now be in your head for the rest of the day 😉)

Here’s a list of some of the rides you can find posted on YouTube:

And while it’s sad that the Disney parks are closed for the time being, don’t forget what Mickey would say… “See you real soon!”

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