Haunted tours of the Cape Fear

It’s no secret that there are parts of the Cape Fear region that are obviously haunted.

It’s no secret that there are parts of the Cape Fear region that are obviously haunted. This area has so much history, how could it not be?

With that being said, there are plenty of tours throughout the region that will give you all the details on all the ghosts, what went on while they were alive, and where and when you may be able to catch a glimpse of their spirit.

Here is a full list of haunted tours in the Cape Fear:

  • Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington – Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-minute ghost walk tour to the city’s most actively haunted homes and burial grounds. Hear eerie tales of ghostly occurrences, including actual encounters during recent tours.


  • Haunted Pub Crawl of Old Wilmington – Hoist a pint or three & celebrate Wilmington’s dark history on a 2.5 hour adventure to the city’s most intriguing local pubs. Hear true ghostly tales of murder, mayhem, lunacy, debauchery and more.


  • Haunted Cotton Exchange Tour – Visit one of the most haunted locations in Wilmington NC. Excellent tour guide, spooky, kooky great group tour. Take a tour and have lunch at the Cotton Exchange.


  • Old South Tour Company Lantern-Led Ghost Walk – A family-friendly, spine tingling 90-minute encounter with the restless spirit world that is Southport.  You will hear chilling stories of specters and haunts and learn about the rich history of the Southport area.  Hear legends, lore and even the secret language of headstones.


  • Poplar Grove Paranormal Tours – There are lots of true stories of Foy family household haunts to share, including a murderous crime of passion. Discover who these phantoms are, and why they’re still there.  You will learn a little history, be provided a Scroll of the Dead, and focus on a particular room or rooms for paranormal activity.  There are some wickedly dangerous Ghost apps for your phone, so prepare & download before you go!


  • Ghost Walk of Pender’s PastThe Ghost’s of Pender’s Past is a family friendly Ghost Walk that explores the legends, tales and lore of Pender’s Past. It features historical legends, lore and tales from Pender’s Beaches to Moores Creek National Battlefield. Hear the stories of Train Depot Ghosts, Pirates, Local Legends, horror movies filmed in Burgaw, Poplar Grove Plantation Ghosts, A Scottish Fairy of Death, a Mysterious Plane Disappearance and more!


Know of ghost tours in the Cape Fear that we missed? Let us know by contacting us here and we’ll add it to the list!

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