Kit Kat is coming out with a new flavor!

(Source: Hershey)

On Wednesday, April 24th Kit Kat announced a new permanent flavor – Mint Dark Chocolate! This new flavor of wafer is the first one the company has introduced to the U.S. in over ten years, and we’re hoping it’s not the last.

The Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat is a part of the new Kit Kat Duos, a title that hints that there are hopefully more flavors to come. The wafer has mint crème on top and dark chocolate on the bottom, a delicious duo we know and love.

This particular treat unfortunately will not hit the shelves until December, but we think we can be patient and satisfy our Kit Kat cravings with the current flavors: milk, dark, and white chocolate.

Or hey, if you’re planning on going to Japan anytime soon, Japanese Kit Kat flavors are the envy of the world. From Green Tea to Wasabi – Japan has over 200 different flavors to choose from! The reason Hershey gave them so many options? Kit Kat has the abbreviated resemblance to a common Japanese phrase, “Kitto Katsu”, or “You will surely win”. Giving away Kit Kats before an event or exam has become a tradition in Japanese culture as a symbol of wishing someone good luck!

We’re going to try to be patient, and in the meantime enjoy some other delicious fun.