NC artist brings joy to neighborhood by staging ‘Toy Story’ scenes on his roof every day

Bradley Carter’s imagination is seriously going “to infinity and beyond” during this pandemic.

Since the start of quarantine, the Wilmington artist has been staging famous scenes from the Toy Story movies, with the actual Toy Story characters, on his roof in hopes of lifting some spirits in his neighborhood.

To say it has worked is an understatement.

Posted by Bradley Carter on Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I asked Carter a simple question. To tell me how and why he came up with the idea to start putting out these scenes on his roof. The answer he gave goes much deeper than just wanting to make his neighbors smile.

“If I tell you why I started eight years ago with the Pixar duo hanging off the back of my truck, then you will know why I get up every morning and hang out on the roof with a bunch of toys,” Carter said.

Eight years ago, Carter was going through a difficult time in his life where he says he needed to find himself and the direction he needed to go in.

“Smiles were hard to come by for a while but the movie Toy Story always had a special meaning to me,” he recalled. “It represented something special, honest, and pure about growing up.”

That feeling of happiness was something he needed at the time and he wanted to share it with everyone, “as life can overwhelm you at times.”

So the iconic scene of Buzz holding on to Woody on the back of the moving truck was recreated on the back of Carter’s pickup truck.

Posted by Bradley Carter on Sunday, April 5, 2020

“I wish I knew how many smiles and pictures taken of the back of my truck there were over the years,” he said.

Flash forward to when quarantine set in over a month ago now. Carter knew that familiar, overwhelming feeling that people around the country were starting to feel all too well.

“Being an artist, a lot of what I paint is about captured moments, emotions, and a method of escape for the viewers,” Carter said. “I turned back to Toy Story and figured I could apply these ideas to the toys; giving our neighborhood something to do every day, something for the kids to get excited about and get outside.”

So he started placing staged scenes out on his roof every day and soon the pictures went viral.

Josh Gad, voice of Olaf from Frozen even posted a picture of one of Carter’s scenes on his Instagram. Memes have been made about the scenes and Buzzfeed even mentioned it in one of their articles.

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Okay, whoever did this is a genius.

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“[I] soon decided I could roughly re-enact the entire movie day by day on the roof,” Carter said.

He admits that some scenes are harder than others because he’s limited to what he can find in the house or make in his garage, “but it made it fun,” Carter said.

His neighborhood has been extremely supportive and he says the online craziness is “just that.”

He just started scenes from Toy Story 4 this past week and has about 12 or more scenes picked out that he plans to stage on his roof.

“But the best way to smile, is to make someone else smile,” Carter says.


Here are a few of Carter’s latest scenes

Posted by Bradley Carter on Saturday, May 2, 2020

Posted by Bradley Carter on Friday, May 1, 2020

Posted by Bradley Carter on Tuesday, April 28, 2020


To follow the Toy Story roof journey, follow Carter’s Facebook page here and his Instagram here.

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