Need a family proof sofa that can with stand the mess? Look no further.

Listen up parents! And anyone who has small or messy children in your life. You probably need this.

Listen up parents! And anyone who has small or messy children in your life. You probably need this.

Custom Home Furniture Galleries sells a variety of  family proof, upholstered and slip covered furniture. Basically, what that means is, in theory if something spills on the couch, or uses the sofa is used as a coloring book, have no fear because the mess should come right out of the fabric with a little dish soap and water.

But we wanted to see for ourselves. So, we recruited some kids and put these fabrics to the test.

We gave three different toddlers each a juice box, a fruit squeeze, a Crayola marker, and chocolate and let them have at it on different “stain proof” fabrics.

After about 20 minutes of the toddlers playing Picasso and making their masterpieces on these fabrics, it was time for the moment of truth.

Using a spray bottle with water and dish soap mixed inside, Custom Home’s Julie Crouch worked to get the messes out of the fabrics.

She found that the messes where the kids had used a lot of force on the fabric were harder to get out. However, by using a soft scrub brush on the mess, she was able to make it almost completely disappear.

The juice box spill had the easiest cleanup. The way the fabrics are made makes it so that the liquid just rolls right off.

The fruit squeeze came out easier on some fabrics versus others.

The marker and the chocolate reacted the same way as the fruit squeeze.

Overall, these stain proof fabrics fared well once Julie was done with them.

“Overall, it was a success and you can live with a piece of mind with your little ones and maybe your dogs and your friends over on your lighter upholstery,” Crouch said.

Custom Home also sells a variety of tabletop finishes that claim to be just as durable.

Julie put those to the test as well using acetone and nail polish.

The two samples with the finish on them came out perfectly clean after nail polish and acetone had been spilled on them and the two without the finish did not. There was notable damage to the ones without the finish.

So whatever your lifestyle may be, a full house with messy kids, dogs, etc., Custom Home Furniture Galleries has enough options to fit your needs.

To learn more about these fabrics and finishes go to

(Source: Custom Home Furniture Galleries)
(Source: Custom Home Furniture Galleries)

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