Riverlights Magnolia Café open again after 4 months

(Source: Magnolia Social Cafe)
(Source: Magnolia Social Cafe)

A popular café in the Riverlights community is now open again after being closed for four months for external issues and repairs.

On October 6, 2019, Magnolia Social Cafe posted on Facebook that they had to close until further notice due to a “water pipe leakage that was very serious that caused damage to the café.”

“I was crushed to learn we would need to close the café while we resolved the issues at hand,” Magnolia Café Tammy Tilghman said. “The café has become a part of a daily routine for many Riverlights residents. We were devastated to lose that face time with our loyal customers.”

But now the wait is over!

(Source: Magnolia Social Cafe)
Magnolia Social Cafe set to reopen this weekend, Feb.15 (Source: Magnolia Social Cafe)

The cafes signature menu of sweet and savory offerings will return with favorites such as the Port City sandwich, the Wattle and Waffle, and the moonraker melt. Other items will also be available including vegan favorites and rotating specials.

“We have been touched by the help and support we’ve received from Riverlights,” Tilghman said. “While the path to getting up and running again has been frustrating at times, our end goal has helped us to keep our eyes on the prize, and we’re finally at the finish line!”

Magnolia Café reopened February 15 at 8 a.m.

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

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