Sunset Beach holds annual ‘sit-a-thon’ to benefit Turtle Watch

Footage from the 2018 Sunset Beach Sit-a-thon benefiting the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly. A sit-a-thon.

Monday, July 1st, Sunset Beach held their annual sit-a-thon to raise money for the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch.

The sit-a-thon has been a tradition in Sunset Beach since 1993.

It was started by a member of the Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol, Ed Deyarmin and one of his friends.

“We were just sitting on the beach one Friday before going home and we said, ‘We’re not leaving until [the tide] takes us out,’” Deyarmin told WECT last year.

The rules of the sit-a-thon are simple:

Place your beach chair at the edge of the water and sit in it until the tide knocks you over. The last person sitting is declared the winner.

Last year, they raised nearly $3,000 for the turtle watch which is the most they had ever raised.

This year’s sit-a-thon will begin at 3 p.m. on Monday July 1st in Sunset Beach by the public access at 5th Street.

“Bring a bucket or 2 and your beach chair and be prepared for several face-fulls of ocean!” the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch said in their Facebook post. “Champion gets wonderful “prizes” and bragging rights for a whole week!”

For more information visit their Facebook Page here.

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