Sweet D’s now serving up sweet treats in Wilmington

Sweet D's now serving up sweet treats in Wilmington

There’s a new place in Wilmington to help satisfy your sweet tooth. “Sweet” is literally in their name.

Sweet D’s Cuisine recently opened on 17th Street in Wilmington earlier this month.

They sell fresh filled croissants, pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, and just about any type of sweet treat you can think of.

Brian Dickey, owner of Sweet D’s said the idea for opening the bakery came about because he wanted to provide something “sweet” for Wilmington. Literally and figuratively.

“We love to feed people, we love to make people happy,” Dickey said. “And with everything going on today with the division in the country and all of that, we just thought we could bring something sweet to Wilmington, North Carolina.”

Sweet D's croissants.
Sweet D’s croissants.

Dickey says the croissants have definitely been a best seller since they opened. They have tons of flavors to choose from. Caramel apple, maple bacon, chocolate with chocolate icing, vanilla iced, strawberry, lemon, peach, key lime, and so much more.

The name of the bakery is a tribute to Brain’s parents.

“My mom, her name is Delia. And everybody calls her ‘D,’” Dickey said. “My father is also ‘Sweet D’. He worked for WWIL 1490AM when I was a young boy and that’s what his radio name was. So, this is a tribute to my mother and my father.”

Aside from all the success, Dickey says his favorite part about having the business so far is proving to people that you can overcome anything. Initially he didn’t think he would have the money to get the business up and running but ultimately, he was able to make it happen.

“We’re prospering,” Dickey said. “And I want to tell everybody out there that in the midst of trials and what you’re going through, that you can proser. You don’t have to settle for where you are. You don’t have to settle for what you’re going through. Better is here.”

Sweet D’s is located at 2321 S. 17th Street in Wilmington. For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

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