This Elizabethtown hamburger place has used the same, famous recipe for 80 years

“Do one thing really good and stick with it.” That’s the motto of Melvin’s in Elizabethtown.

“Do one thing really good and stick with it.” That’s the motto of Melvins’ in Elizabethtown.

The famous burger joint has been around for 80 years!

Originally owned by the Melvin brothers, the restaurant started out as mainly a pool room. It opened just as the country was coming out of the great depression, so it was seen as a place for people to come and escape all their worries.

They sold hamburgers but that wasn’t their main focus at first.

Turns out, that’s what people enjoyed the most about Melvins.

They made the original “Carolina hamburger” which comes with mustard, chili, onions, and cole slaw.

And even 80 years later, they still haven’t changed one single recipe.

Today, Randy Harris owns Melvins’. He promised the Melvin brothers he would keep things the same.

“We have the same burger with the same chili with the same recipe, the same slaw with the same recipe, and we’ve cooked it the same way for 80 years.”

Harris says his favorite part about Melvins ’ is the people.

“The people you meet, the employees,” Harris said. “It’s a small-town atmosphere and the people here appreciate what you do for them it Elizabethtown and they know that this is a special place.”

Generations of families will come eat at Melvins’.

“This is where their granddaddy probably came and ate and told their dad or mom and now they’re here,” Harris said. “And we hear that all the time. People who were here eating 60 years ago… Which includes me!”

Another fun fact about Melvins, they can make one hamburger about every ten seconds.