Wilmington wedding cakes that look (almost) too good to eat

The cake is the most important part of a wedding. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but if you're having an occasion where people expect cake, it's nice to have a good one! Here are some of our favorite looking cakes that we found from weddings right here in the Cape Fear! We didn't get to taste-test, but if they taste half as good as they look, they are probably delicious!

(Source: Creative Cake Design)

Creative Cake Design by Tammy Hodge

Elegant and thoughtful, this spread just looks…complete! The city-themed flavors like “Paris” (berry champagne cake with strawberry preserves), “Key West” (key lime cake with raspberry butter cream), and “Italy” (coffee infused cake with whipped coffee mousse) sound so thoughtful and delicious!

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(Source: One Belle Bakery)

One Belle Bakery

These cakes come in all shapes and sizes! From classy cakes that dazzle with flowers and pizzazz, to a towering doughnut cake that looks like something out of a dream, every cake has its own particular personality at One Belle Bakery.

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(Source: Imaginary Cakes)

Imaginary Cakes

True to their name, Imaginary Cakes has created some very imaginative cakes. This gorgeous wedding cake is just a sample of some of the lovely themes that their cakes have tackled and their hilarious birthday cakes definitely tickled our fancy.

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(Source: Encore Custom Cakes & Desserts)

Encore Custom Cakes & Desserts

Encore’s cakes have the classic feel with a modern twist. Popping with color and craftsmanship, these cakes can add to the motif of any wedding theme.

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(Source: Apple Annie's)

Apple Annie's Bake Shop

You may know Apple Annie’s for their delicious pastries, but they do custom wedding cakes too! Classical pearl cakes like this one look gorgeous in any setting, and you know if it’s from Apple Annie’s it’s going to taste amazing.

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(Source: T.O.P. Cakes)

T.O.P. Cakes

T.O.P. Cakes (Talk of the Party Cakes), has cakes for every occasion and theme. We love the seashore vibe of this wedding topper/cake/stand combo.

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(Source: Pink Baking Co.)

Pink Baking Co.

Pink Baking Co. creates such a natural, somewhat rustic vibe to their creations. Their attention to detail shines through their cakes with delicate simplicity and subtle romance. We love the fresh fruit and macaroon combos!

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(Source: The Three Divas)

The Three Divas

The Three Divas are all about creating an experience. They won’t only do your cake, they will do the whole wedding shebang! With beautiful, ornate cakes like this one, you should probably have a wedding to match!

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(Source: Gigi's)

Gigi's Cupcakes

Yep, Gigi’s offers more than just cupcakes! They’ll do your wedding cake and more. These two cakes are gorgeous examples of their “His & Hers” options, but they can also design cakes that perfectly match the bride’s dress!

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(Source: Sweets Bakery)

Sweets Bakery

Modern, composed, and downright tempting, Sweets Bakery creates a look with their cakes that is a work of art in itself. Combinations like this marble, floral, metallic cake are a chic statement piece at any wedding.

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(Source: Clarke Couture Cakes)

Clarke Couture Cakes

Who doesn’t love an edible flower? This cascading cake shows Clarke Couture’s eye for beauty and detail, with sugar flowers created by hand that might outshine even the prettiest bouquet.

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