Why you should stage to sell

Why you should stage to sell

Trying to sell your house or property right now and it’s just not selling? Consider staging it!

The folks at Custom Home Staging and Design and some of their partners say staging a home can make it sell quicker and allow you to receive more offers.

“Staging in a home can really transform the way a house feels,” David Hopkins with RiverBrook Builders said. “Without having furniture in a house it can really feel very empty. Some of the features in the home can feel misplaced and by putting decorations in the house it really kind of ties the entire living space together.”

Chris Luther with EXP Realty says that in order to get a buyer engaged with a property, you have to get them “emotionally” engaged. Luther says the way to do that is through staging.

“If someone goes into a vacant property and there’s no staging there, the only thing that they really have to look at is what’s wrong with the property,” Luther said.

Luther added that when a person sees a home that is staged they are able to envision themselves living in the house more. That emotional connection to the home is ultimately what gets the buyer to write an offer for the property.

Karen Clow with Salters Haven says the designers with Custom Home Staging and Design know exactly what to do to make the inside of a home have that “home-y” feeling to it, which will make it much more warm and inviting to the buyer.

“Their reaction is almost always the same. It’s, ‘Wow! Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful!’,” Clow said. “The folks at Custom Home Staging, they know exactly what they’re doing. They are from this area. We have a coastal lifestyle. Everything is light and bright and airy. They’re always on trend. Your buyers, that’s what they want to see and with Custom Home Staging that’s what you get.”

So, if you’re in the middle of trying to sell a house or you’re planning to in the future, consider having it staged.

For more information on Custom Home Staging and Design, check out their website by clicking here.

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