You scream, I scream, we all scream for… Kono Pizza?

Kono Pizza offers the Cape Fear region pizza in a cone.
Kono Pizza offers the Cape Fear region pizza in a cone. (Source: KonoUSA)

You’ve seen pizza pies… pizza rolls… even pizza bagels. Now, the owners of Kono Pizza Coastal Carolina are bringing you pizza in a cone!

“Kono Pizza is just that. Pizza in a cone,” said owner Jennifer Pipkins, explaining the idea came to her in a dream.

Pipkins searched the internet for “pizza in a cone” and KonoUSA popped up. That’s when her nephew Kaymel Shipley, a chef from Texas, moved to the Carolina coast to help build the business and run the food truck.

“After decades of devouring countless slices of triangle or square-cut pizza, American consumers are about to experience a progressive new way to enjoy their favorite Italian dish,” the KonoUSA website says.

The pizza dough cones are flash frozen and overnighted from Italy.

This tasty treat is easy to take on the go! Get them stuffed with everything from cheese and pepperoni to chicken and veggies. The menu has something for everyone. There is even a peanut butter and jelly kone for the kids.

And who doesn’t want a little dessert to go with their pizza? Kono Pizza offers three Italian-inspired desserts in a cone – tiramisu, Nutella kone, and cannoli.

According to the business, Kono has more than 120 locations in 30 countries. The Pipkins will eventually have three Kono trucks to cover Wilmington, Brunswick County and Myrtle Beach.

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