All for one and Theatre for All: A look inside Wilmington’s only theater company for people with disabilities

Creativity is what it’s all about.

That’s according to Kim Henry, the executive director of Theatre for All (TFA), Wilmington’s only theater company for people with disabilities.

The group started about five years ago after a group of adults with disabilities did a short theater program at Laney High School. When the program was over, some realized they had found their thing in theater but there was no where else for them to go.

“We looked around, and we saw that in Wilmington, there really was nothing for them,” Henry said. “So we were like, ‘hey, we need a theater company here that’s ongoing.’”

So Theatre For All was born.

There are two groups that meet every Saturday at Theatre Now in downtown Wilmington.

The academy company trains with local and national artists and the show company works together to create a two original shows for the public every year.

This year’s show coming up in June is called “Superheroes Anonymous.” [You can find more information on it by clicking the link here]

“Our shows are always original and completely unique,” Henry said. “We draw on the inspiration and passion and skills of our performers and put together and amazing show that you really will never see a show like ours anywhere else.”

They also have an outreach program in three different locations where they reach about 70-80 students with disabilities who are not in the company every week.

Joseph Sink, a member of TFA, says his favorite part of the group is memorizing his scenes.

“I’m really good at memorization when it comes to scenes,” Sink said.

Bailey Smith, another member of the group said her favorite thing about them is how accepting they are.

“We are a team,” Smith said. “We don’t leave anybody out, we don’t exclude anybody. We’re like a family. We’re there together even when we are in a crisis or something is going on in our lives. We’re there for each other. And I’ve been through a lot and they’re there for me.”

For more information on Theatre for All or if you want to donate to the program, visit or check out their Facebook page here.

Kristin Crawford

Kristin Crawford joined WECT as a Digital Video Content Producer in August 2016 after graduating from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. She studied Communication Studies with a focus in TV Production and Media.