A look inside Southeastern North Carolina’s first distillery

Bladen County is home to Southeastern North Carolina’s first distillery.

Cape Fear Distillery is located on the property at Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery where they make and sell their own gin.

It’s been in production for about two years now and the gin can be found in ABC stores across the state!

Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery owner, Alex Munroe, says he thinks the taste is what keeps people coming back and buying the gin.

“Instead of the real Christmas tree taste of gin which is caused by juniper, which is really delicious, we don’t have as heavy of a juniper taste,” Munroe said. “We cut it with some citrus and a little bit of lavender and it’s really, really smooth.”

Munroe says one of the things that sets them apart from other distilleries is that instead of producing hundreds of thousands of gallons at a time, they produce hundreds at a time.

“So you get a personal touch,” Munroe said. “It’s not diluted with that extra stuff that makes the production go faster. So it’s just a more quality, realistic gin.”

Munroe says he finds that non-gin drinkers usually love Cape Fear Distillery gin.

“I think the thing that people say most about the gin is, ‘I never really like gin but we love this gin,’” Munroe said. “And a lot of people are drinking it over ice and without cutting it with any tonic water or that type of thing. They’re just drinking it straight.”

For more info on Cape Fear Distillery, check out their website here.

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