Crofton’s Pretzels: Wilmington’s newest go-to for gourmet, stuffed pretzels

Gourmet stuffed pretzels are a new concept to the Cape Fear region, but I think it’s safe to say that Crofton’s Pretzels has exceeded all of our expectations.

Crofton’s Pretzels opened up over the summer and they have been satisfying everyone’s sweet and salty taste buds ever since.

Aidan Crofton, the owner of the new pretzel place, is originally from Philadelphia where he says soft pretzels are the second most popular food behind Philly cheesesteaks.

“People up there eat ten times as many pretzels as the rest of the country,” Crofton said. “So it’s a serious thing up there.”

And Crofton clarified that that’s actually a fact. Not an exaggeration. People in that area do actually eat ten times as many soft pretzels as the rest of the country.

The military brought Crofton down to the area in 2012. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune until earlier this year.

“The day that I ended my active service was actually the same day I opened the shop,” Crofton said.

He just loves pretzels. He says he’s had at least one soft pretzel every day for the past year and he hasn’t gotten tired of them. It’s a staple in his diet now, basically.

The type of soft pretzels they make and sell are Philadelphia style, obviously. Crofton says what makes it “Philadelphia style” is the specific type of dough that is used.

They have cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and just about every type of sugar imaginable as some of the regular soft pretzels.

And then they have their stuffed pretzels.

Cheesecake, brownie, mac & cheese, crab dip, buffalo, just to name a few of the different stuffed pretzels. Spinach artichoke is probably their most popular as of right now.

“Those flavors are constantly changing and evolving as the business develops and grows,” Crofton said.

Crofton says the response from the community has been great so far.

“To start a business here and to be embraced by the community the way we have been embraced and just meeting new people and having people care about seeing us succeed, it’ just makes us feel very welcome here,” Crofton said.

For more information on Crofton’s Pretzels, visit their website here.

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