They’re not trees, veins, or rivers. They’re Whiskey Run Customs.

“Every piece is unique. It’s a fingerprint.”

When Wesley Hutchinson was forced to retire from the Marine Corps after being injured, he decided to fall back on one of his favorite hobbies – woodworking. Fractal burning, to be specific.

If you’ve never heard of fractal burning before it’s where you take a battery (Hutchinson uses a battery from an old microwave), and use that electricity to burn different designs into pieces of wood.

Wesley Hutchinson (Source: Wesley Hutchinson)

Hutchinson got into woodworking in 2013 while he was still in active duty with the Marine Corps. He would make duck calls, pens, razors and deer grunts on the side. Soon he got into making cutting boards, charcuterie boards and lazy Susan’s which are a majority of what he still makes consistently today.

Later on, during his service Hutchinson got hurt which forced him into retirement.

Luckily he still had his love for woodworking and decided to take it on full time.

“This is what I do full time now,” Hutchinson said. “Whether it’s turning a pen on a lathe, or making a cutting board, just the smell of the wood, being in my climate, my house, my workshop, and being able to do what I want to do is very therapeutic for me.”

Whiskey Run street sign.

The name of Hutchinson’s business is Whiskey Run Customs.

He decided on the name after rummaging through some boxes in his garage looking for inspiration for what to call his new business. He found a street sign he had taken from his hometown in Alabama years ago and that was the name he decided on. The street sign, obviously, was for a street called Whiskey Run. That street sign sits proudly above his work space in his garage today.

People see all sorts of different things in the designs created by the fractal burning.

“Some people think they’re trees. Some say veins. Waterways,” Hutchinson said. “Some people say ‘Oh, that’s the Cape Fear!’ And I’m like, ‘Uh, if you see it, yes. If that’s what you see.’”

Hutchinson said he even had a young girl say the designs looked like snowflakes.

Whiskey Run Customs Lazy Susan

“I’m like, you know, that’s a great analogy cause that’s what they are. Every one of them is different. They’re special. Special pieces.”

The reaction to his work is Hutchinson’s favorite part.

“That’s what it’s about,” Hutchinson said. “It’s not about making money. It’s about making somebody happy. Have something that’s special to them. That’s what I’m doing. That’s what our main goal is.”

For more information on Whiskey Run Customs you can check out the website by clicking here or the Instagram page by clicking here.

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