‘End of Days’: Wilmington’s first grain to glass distillery

End of Days Distillery, Wilmington’s first grain-to-glass distillery opened in the Cargo District earlier this year.

They focus on ultra-premium and limited-release spirits.

(Source: End of Days Distillery)

Upon opening, End of Days debuted their Port of Entry line of spirits with the initial launches of their Port of Entry Vodka and Port of Entry Rum, followed soon after by Port of Entry Gin.

Shane Faulkner, founder of End of Days Distillery said their spirits are made in a pre-Prohibition style.

“Each of our spirits is made from the finest grains available, and our barrels are toasted to perfection giving each of our barrel aged and barrel rested spirits a distinct flavor,” Faulkner said. “And since everything is sourced from right here in the Carolina’s, every bottle we make will have a taste of home.”

End Of Day’s (EOD’s) Port of Entry Vodka and Rum are currently available at select ABC Stores in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender Counties. Soon however, bottles from EOD’s barrel-aging and Solara-aging programs will be available for purchase in ABC Stores and as limited-release bottles available exclusively in the tasting room. They plan to then extend this into ABC stores across NC in early 2020 and then be on shelves in neighboring states by late 2020.

So where did the name “End of Days” come from?

EOD inside space (Source: End of Days)

Faulkner said he was sitting around a fire one evening with friends and family when the inspiration for the distillery came to him.

“As they talked over everything from friendship to love to kids to the drinks they shared, he noticed everyone concluded with ‘At the end of the day…’ a phrase that resonated in him, perfectly summing up the moment,” the press release said.

Faulkner got to work using his home-brewing background and a palate for fine spirits to begin creating the recipes that would “recreate that moment.”

“End of Days’ spirits are distilled with the finest grains and water available, and are crafted with an artisan’s attention, making each glass a conversation starter and a perfect way to end the day.”

End of Days Distillery is located at 1815 Castle St. in Wilmington.

For more information, visit their website here.

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