Alcove Beer Garden now open in the Cargo District

One of the sitting areas of the Alcove Beer Garden.

There is another new place for beer lovers to hang out in Wilmington.

The Alcove Beer Garden in the Cargo District is now open.

Alcove is a part of the Bespoke Outpost which opened in the summer of 2019.

“The Outpost is comprised of a couple different incubator-style restaurant, bars, retail,” Outpost owner Chris Batten said.

Batten says the Bespoke/Alcove part of the Outpost is meant for people to utilize both spaces at the same time.

“If you had a meeting you could do a coffee and beer in the space,” Batten said. “You could start your morning with coffee and be here all day and wrap it up with a beer.”

They also plan to open a restaurant and more rent-able office space in the Outpost as well as creating another common area between the containers outside of the beer garden.

(Containers outside the Alcove Beer Garden which will be utilized for different things such as a restaurant, office space, and even a cooler for the beer garden.)

A vegan based bakery is also in the works to go along with the coffee shop. Batten says that should roll out within the next month.

(Alcove Beer Garden)

A majority of the beer served at Alcove comes from local breweries.

“There’s also canned beer, bottled beer from other distributors, but for the majority we’re going to try to stick with local breweries here in Wilmington,” Batten said.

According to Batten, the location where the Outpost sits today has had its fair share of hard times over the years. It has been dilapidated, crumbled to the ground, and even set on fire. But to see it alive and thriving as well as it is right now is one of Batten’s favorite parts of the whole Outpost project.

The beer garden is open from 1 – 8 p.m. Sunday-Friday and then 12 – 10 p.m. on Saturday.

For more information on the Alcove Beer Garden, visit their Facebook page here.

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