You can print any image onto a beer at this Wilmington bar

Cape Fear Wine & Beer recently installed a Ripples Maker at their bar.

Using an app, the machine will print any image onto the head of the beer.

Here’s how it works.

You download the “Ripples – Drink Personalization” app and upload your photo. The photo is then sent to the Ripples Maker and then printed onto the head of the beer using a tasteless, odorless, malt-based ink.

Example of how the Ripples app works.

It takes about 15 seconds for the machine to print the image onto the beer.

Cape Fear Wine & Beer owner Lector Bennett, says the images show up the best on Murphy’s Irish Stout.

“I think this will be a game changer this coming Saint Patrick’s Day,” Bennett said.

Bennett added he can foresee people using the machine to propose to their partners, announcing they are having a baby, and other big life events.

He said a lot of local artists have been putting their art on beer as well.

Ripples does want to make sure you’re keeping it clean though. Their app states, “If you upload your own image, please make sure it’s yours and that everyone around you will be cool with it sitting atop your drink. Meaning, please keep it clean and don’t break any trademark laws or any of the rules that are listed in our website’s terms and conditions.”

To see some of the images people have already put on their beers at Cape Fear Wine & Beer, visit their Facebook page here.

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