Veteran owned business, Burry Chocolates is serving up sweet treats in Hampstead

Brandon Burry and his wife Emily knew they wanted to stay in North Carolina once Brandon was out of the Marines.

Burry was stationed at Camp Lejeune and he and his wife Emily loved the area and decided if they could find jobs, they would stay.

Brandon’s grandfather had a family business running a chocolate shop back in New Jersey which was started in the 60’s. Burry said all his grandfathers kids and grandkids grew up helping out at the shop. So when it came time for him to decide what he wanted to do after the Marines, he knew exactly what that would be.

Brandon called up his uncles and told them he was thinking about opening a chocolate shop in North Carolina and his uncles were immediately on board.

“God just opened a window and we just came in and found a nice spot and everything kind of just fell into place and so here we are,” Brandon said.

Burry Chocolates officially opened in Hampstead in mid-August of this year.

Emily says business has been great so far. They get a lot of repeat customers every week and she says there has even been interest from customers about opening other shops in other parts of Southeaster NC.

According to the couple, some of their most popular chocolates are salted caramels, peanut butter melt-aways, chocolate covered caramels, coconut eggs, cashew patties, almond butter crunch, chocolate covered blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, just to name a few items.

Brandon says that if his grandfather were alive today, he know he’d be so proud of what all he and Emily have accomplished with the shop so far.

“If my grandfather was still alive, he’d be telling everybody in New Jersey, ‘Oh man, my grandson is doing so great,’” Brandon said. “But my grandmother is very excited. Everybody up there loves it. So it’s really cool.”

Burry Chocolates is located at 21772 US-Highway 17 North Hampstead, NC 28443.

For more information, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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