Debunking four common furniture myths

If you’re starting off the new year by updating the furniture in your home, consider these four common furniture myths first.


Myth #1: The heavier the furniture, the better the quality.


Instead of judging furniture by its weight, look for these three details

  • dovetailing on the drawers
  • cedar lined bottom drawers
  • country of origin of where the furniture was made

Myth #2: I can’t have nice furniture because I have kids or pets.


Instead of being fearful of replacing your older sofa, shop for items that have quality construction performance fabrics or leathers that can be lifestyle friendly.

Myth #3: The highest prices equal the highest quality.


It is possible to find high quality pieces at value prices. Many manufacturers will even demonstrate what is inside their furniture with example cutaway pieces that show the “guts” so you can actually see what a piece of furniture is made of.

Myth #4: My mattress will only last eight years.


You mattress can last more than eight years if you get one with a heavier gage inner spring unit that provides support and durability. Also, search for beds that are sold with foundations and not box springs.


Check out Custom Home Furniture Galleries for help finding pieces of furniture that go against these myths. Click here to visit their website for more information.

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