Why people love niche. and why you will too

It’s no secret that niche. Decor & Gifts has just about anything for any occasion. We talked to a few loyal customers whose love for the store goes beyond the products. Here is what they had to say.

Joe & Debbie Fisher

How did you hear about the store?

Our daughter had done a lot of shopping at niche. She recommended it to us and when we walked in we fell in love,” Debbie said.

What made you become such a loyal customer at niche.?

The reason why we like to keep coming back to niche. is not only because of the great customer service, but you have this great family like quality. And when you come into the store, there’s always something new to see. It’s a very unique store with a lot of items that you could use for gifts, your home. And it’s just a fun experience,” Joe said.


Joe Soares

How did you hear about the store?

“I started shopping at niche. about two years ago. I found it on a website and have been coming here ever since.”

What made you become such a loyal customer at niche.?

The staff. Extremely helpful. Very knowledgeable. Always give 110 percent.


Monaca Lachman

How did you hear about the store?

Chris Gray is a friend. She started out as my older sons math teacher in middle school. And I’ve stayed in touch with her. You know, I’d see her every once in a while. But once I knew she opened up the store, it’s definitely somewhere I wanted to patronize. I love Chris.”

What made you become such a loyal customer at niche.?

I think Chris and Dede, they tend to really pay attention to what people like. They pay attention to what’s selling, they keep products in stock. I know I can go in there and get a gift for anybody, anytime. And they’re always willing to help. It’s the feeling that you get when you go in there. You can tell that people aren’t there just to get a paycheck. I just appreciate having a place where I can go and they genuinely care that you’re there and make an extra effort to welcome you and to give advice and help if you ask.”


If you’re interested in learning more about any of the products niche. has, click here.


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