Quick fixes for common furniture damage

Accidents are just waiting to happen when you’re living on your furniture. It’s inevitable. So Custom Home Furniture Galleries has given us some tips on how to quickly fix those everyday damages you may have on furniture in your home.

  • Remove scratches on wood

  • Use a graining pen like this to fill in the scratch then dab the area with your finger to dull the shine from the pen.

  • Remove an impression from leather

  • Use a steamer and lightly go over the area of the impression with the steamer making sure not to actually touch the steamer to the leather. Wipe the surface to remove any moisture. Then dry the area with a hairdryer on a cool setting to cool the leather down.

  • Clean smudges off of tabletops

  • Use white vinegar and a cheese cloth. Wipe the tabletop smoothly and evenly with the cheesecloth to make sure not to wipe one area more than another.

  • Pull in fabric

  • If you’ve found some pulls in your fabric, the fix is super simple. All you’ll need is a paperclip. Unbend the paperclip and use the end to push the loose fibers back into the hole that they came from. Once all the fibers are pushed back in, use your finger to smooth over the fabric and it will disappear.

  • Removing pen/marker stains from upholstery

  • A good product to use for removing pen or marker stains from upholstery is Mohawk Fabric Cleaner. Try using tape on the stain first to see how much of it you can get out with that. Then use the Mohawk Fabric Cleaner and a cheesecloth to try to work the rest of the stain out. Lastly, dry with a hairdryer.


    (Source: Custom Home Furniture Galleries)


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