Is only eating oysters in months with an “R” a myth?

**This video was filmed in July. The 10% donation mentioned in the video no longer applies.**

Is only eating oysters in months that have an “R” in them a myth? According to Seabird owner and chef, Dean Neff, yes, it is a myth.

We caught up with Neff to talk about all things oysters.

According to Neff, oyster farming has made it possible for oyster lovers to enjoy the slimy, salty dish all year round, by keeping the oysters underwater at all times.

“Hot air is kind of the culprit for disease in wild oysters and so when oysters get exposed to the air, and then the tide comes back in and covers them, diseases can basically grow inside the oysters,” Neff said. “Oyster farms have kind of taken that out of the equation though.”

Now that you know you can eat oysters whenever you want if they have come from an oyster farm, Neff shared with us some of his favorite ways to dress oysters.

The first way, and Neff’s favorite way, is to add mignonette sauce. He uses champagne vinegar, minced shallots and black pepper.

Other oyster dressings Neff recommends are horseradish with lemon, hot sauce, and a spicy cocktail sauce.

Check out Seabird for all your oyster needs plus try some of their other delicious dishes.

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