2022 astronomical events you need to look up to

Find out when the lunar eclipses will be and the best meteor shower of the year.

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Here are some of the highlights for 22nd year of the 21st century.

For a list of full moons for 2022, click here.

Total Lunar Eclipses show on May 16 and November 8. The moon will be setting on November 8 so we may not get to see the full lunar eclipse here in the Ark-La-Tex.

Other meteor showers of 2022 include

January 3-4: Quadrantids Shower. The crescent moon will keep light levels low so this should be a decent show.

April 23: Lyrids Shower. Best to watch this right after midnight.

July 29: Delta Aqaurids Shower: The new moon shines no light so the sky will be very dark.

October 22: Orionids Shower. Best to watch this show after midnight.

December 13-14: Geminids Shower

December 22: Ursids Shower

The changing of the seasons occur on these dates...

March 20: Spring Equinox

June 21: Summer Solstice

September 23: Fall Equinox

December 21: Winter Solstice

No Solar Eclipses for 2022 in North America...

If you want to go see a partial solar eclipse, make plans to head to Chile and South America on April 30, 2022. Or you can travel to Europe and Central Asia for another partial eclipse on October 25.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to see these 2022 astronomical events.

Robert Streeter

Robert Streeter

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