Captain Wilbur Jones Jr. continues to serve the community long after his military service


Retired Navy Captain Wilbur Jones has written close to 20 books, seven of those focusing on World War II and the impact that the City of Wilmington had during the war. After 12 years of work Wilbur was able to complete his mission which was to have Wilmington named America’s first World War II Heritage City.

A Wilmington native, Jones, works tirelessly on preserving as much of World War II history as he can. He’s 88 years old, but don’t let his age fool you.

He is still writing, and recently published his memoir. The long list of achievements that the captain has accomplished is truly remarkable.

“Not bad for a boy from Wilmington.”

Is what Wilbur says.

His dedication to the City of Wilmington surpassed far beyond his military service, and we thank him greatly for it.

To learn more about Captain Wilbur Jones Jr check out his website here.

Kolby Bass

Kolby Bass

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