You’ll want to read this former Marine Raider’s advice on being authentic.

Joe Apkarian’s life experiences are as sizeable as his mustache.

Taco Baby a restaurant in Downtown Wilmington North Carolina — WILMINGTON, N.C. (CAPE FEAR WEEKEND) -

Be yourself, not what people think you need to be.

—  Joe Apkarian

In honor of our veterans. Every month we post a story that highlights a veteran-owned business in our area.

“The Pour House is where we all drank, and that’s where we all hang our hat when we had a little bit of time off while we were doing a training course. That was our home.” Joe Apkarian, a former Marine Raider, now owns the Pour House, as well as Taco Baby in Wilmington. While his sizable moustache may suggest he’s a superhero, he is a hands-on leader. You may catch Joe at the door of the Pour House, waiting tables, or washing dishes at his taco restaurant.

The former MARSOC raider has a vast repertoire of experience, which he credits for his success as a restaurateur. For some, transitioning from the military to civilian life is not easy, but Apkarian advises, “Be yourself, not what people think you should be. Not everyone’s around anymore. Sadly, this is why we have pictures of our boys above the bar.”

Joe, the former Special Ops Marine is now the self-described “food and beverage guy,” who will open his new beer garden concept, Eagles Dare, near Memorial Day

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