Carolina Beach boardwalk to get new permanent Ferris wheel

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A new ride is on its way to the Town of Carolina Beach’s boardwalk, and it’s bigger than before.

A new permanent Ferris wheel is being installed and it will be 95 feet tall — nearly as high as the Mariott hotel, offering visitors a chance to get a new view of the beach and the town.

It’s also the first time the town will have an attraction that doesn’t pack up and leave in the off season, offering folks a chance to enjoy some of the fun the town has to offer year round.

Councilman Joe Benson said that plans are in place to hopefully have the ride open before the peak of the season.

“That skywheel is being set up now, you can go down and see it — their desire is to have it up and running sometime after Easter, at least erect,” said Benson. “And man, that is going to be an iconic figure, on the boardwalk.”

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