MovieMaker magazine names Cucalorus to 2022 top 50 worth the entry fee

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - MovieMaker magazine announced Tuesday that Cucalorus Film Festival has been named to its annual list of 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.

Cucalorus has made it onto the list for a record breaking 12 years in a row.

Primarily, the annual list is based on surveys, filmmaker testimonials, and visits to festivals; however, it also includes recent premieres, assistance provided to traveling filmmakers and opportunities to do meet and greets with fans, press, and other filmmakers.

“This is really the ultimate compliment,” said Chief Instigating Officer Dan Brawley. “We work so hard to make sure that filmmakers are getting a fair shake and that filmmakers aren’t being exploited by the thousands of festivals out there looking for films. There are so many great fests on this list, it’s really humbling to be considered such a valuable opportunity for filmmakers.”

MovieMaker editor Tim Molloy said that while Cucalorus doesn’t meet many of the criteria, it has many other attributes that make it worthy.

“Cucalorus goes against a lot of the criteria we use for creating this list: It doesn’t give out awards, it isn’t Academy qualifying, you won’t take home any prize money,” said Molloy. “But what Cucalorus does better than almost anyone is build intense love and loyalty among its die-hard attendees, perhaps because it doesn’t pit them against each other. It’s a nurturing, affectionate, (sometimes goofily) fun festival that deeply values people and celebrates their differences, while supporting their dreams. It earned a spot on our list through sheer love of film and filmmaking, and the courage to blaze its own glorious path.”

Molloy added there are over 50 festivals on this list because they didn’t want to force tie-breakers to even the numbers.

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