We talked to Jay Leno about being back in Wilmington and the most recent car he’s added to his collection.


On Friday night, the longtime host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno performed a stand-up comedy show at Cape Fear Community College Wilson Center.  We sat down with him and spoke with him about the latest addition to his ever-growing car collection.  Leno is known for his monumental collection that he keeps in Burbank, California, and unlike many car collectors he drives the majority of cars he owns.  He also films the TV show, Jay Leno’s Garage, where he showcases one of his car and drives it for the camera.

Leno told us of his most recent addition, a 1956 Packard Caribbean.  Not only was this the last model Packard produced, only 276 convertibles and 263 hardtops came of the assembly line. Advertising dubbed it “the greatest Packard of them all,” and it was the second most expensive car in the 1956 automotive market.  Known for its many modern luxury options, the Caribbean is distinguished by its dual tail fins and double antennas, tri-color paint, it also offered reversible interior:  brocade cloth and leather.  In addition, the car produced a 310-horse power engine, and its improved suspension offering a smooth ride and great handling.  We will anxiously await for Jay Leno to spotlight his 1956 Caribbean on his car show, and until then we will dream.

Leno also has a 1955 Caribbean that you can watch here:

And speaking of dreams, Leno also has a new game show, You Bet Your Life.  Folks from across the country are encouraged to apply to be a contestant. Being a contestant offers a free round trip airline ticket, hotel, and meals, plus a chance to win money on the show.  Check out entry requirements on the You Bet Your Life web site.

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