There’s still a way to spend summer on the water in Wrightsville Beach


The weather is hot, and the sea is calling, but supply chain issues and the lack of dock space make spending summer on the water a bit of a dilemma. Sea Gate boating might be the answer to this headache.

Sea Gate boating has boat rentals, but also a boat club. As a member of the boat club you pay an initial fee, and then you get to use the boats from the club like they are your own. They have different membership levels to fit different budgets, and have a fleet of boats you can choose from.

Their convenient location in Wrightsville Beach is perfect to get on the ICWW for fishing or just to cruise. With 13 boats in the fleet there is a boat to fit all your needs. Maybe one day you want to do some offshore fishing, but the next day you want to take the family out for a sunset cruise you can reserve a different boat catered for each activity.

They will even come in early so that you can take an early morning fishing trip. it’s nice to not have to stress about trailering, hauling, and putting your boat in the water. Sea Gate handles all the boat maintenance so you don’t have to. They take care of all the dirty work so you can spend more time making memories.

The options to make the most out of a boat club membership are endless. Half-days can start when you want so there’s no fighting your schedule. If you’re looking for adventure, take a trip and dock your boat club boat overnight at another port. If you’d like to keep the boat for your two-week-vacation you can do that.

Check out Sea Gate boating, and see if it’s the answer to spending summer on the sea!

Kolby Bass

Kolby Bass

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