10 Easy Ways to Unwind this Summer


Are you finding yourself stressed, and burnt out? Are you looking for easy ways to relax that can work into your daily routine?

Life can get busy and be stressful even in the summer. That’s why it’s important to have ways to unwind and relax so that we’re able to decompress, and rest. Here are 10 easy ways to unwind this summer.

1) Watch the sunrise with friends

a. Everyone enjoys starting the day with a freshly brewed coffee and a lively sunrise. Here in Wilmington, one of the most popular places to visit and catch some early morning sun is at the Johnny Mercer Pier on Wrightsville Beach. You can stop by a local coffee like Sunday’s coffee shop or a breakfast place to walk on to the beach where the sun is rising on the pier or the sand below. People can rent fishing poles or fish off of the pier where many fishermen catch fish in the early morning. Another popular place to watch the sunset is crystal pier, located on Wrightsville Beach near the restaurant Oceanic. This pier can be found less crowded and overlooks more of the south end of the island.

2) Take a walk on the beach

a. One of the most fun places to walk at is located at the South End of Wrightsville Beach. At the South End there is parking and the public is able to walk and enjoy the views of the intercoastal waterway and Wrightsville Beach. There is also a surf shop within walking distance of access to paddleboarding and a coffee shop with snacks. A walk on Wrightsville beach is always relaxing, you can spot some local surfers, families, students and dogs from one end of the island to the other. There is always something about the saltwater breeze, sand between our feet, the ocean waves crashing in front of us that is good for the soul and allows us to feel at peace.

3) Unplug from social media for a day

a. You know that feeling when you are constantly staring at your phone and sitting there realizing you are just watching what other people are doing? Well, take a day for yourself, do not worry about the virtual world for 12 hours… it can wait. Leave your phone by your bed and get ready for the day! Start the day with reading a book or journaling. Get up and enjoy the day with whatever makes you the happiest, weather that’s having a movie day, sleeping in, going on a run, working out, spending time with the people you love, or just a day out on the beach! Forget about what we spend most of our lives doing, scrolling, taking pictures and videos, or living life through a screen.

4) Have a movie and snack night

a. Take a minute to think of your all-time favorite movie, series, or what you love to binge watch on Netflix! Well tonight is the night to watch it, share with you best friends or just watch it even though you know every word to it. Get your favorite snacks like popcorn, chips, candy like you would get back in the day when you would go to the movie theatre! One of my personal favorites is having a dip night with my friends, we all make our favorite dips weather that’s chips and salsa or buffalo chicken dip, we always have the best time being with each other and trying what we brought!

5) Learn how to cook new foods

a. Have you ever tried something at a restaurant and thought “Wow I wish I could make this!” Well, now Is the chance that you have been waiting for! This is the time you can dedicate to trying to attempt to make a recipe of anything you want. The best way to start is trying to find a recipe or as a college student a good way to start is going to trader joes and looking for ways to cook but do not take forever to make. There are items that give you steps in order to cook the recipe or the best ways that the food can be prepared.

6) Go on a day trip

a. The time has come, devote a whole day to going on a day trip! Around the area of Wilmington, we can visit many hidden gems and places that we do not even realize. In Kure beach, there is a state park called Fort Fisher State Recreation Center it is devoted to be six miles of beach to endangered species. It is perfect to take your family or dogs on a walk to go relax and see the sights around the beach. Carolina Beach also has a state park which has 60 miles of land to explore. Even if you don’t feel like walking you are able to bring four wheelers or bikes to cruise along the property.

7) Have a picnic

a. Hot summer days call for slowing down and enjoying a picnic outside. Around Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach there are many parks where you can sit in the shade and appreciate the outdoors. My personal favorite is making sandwiches or getting acai bowls and finding a place to sit outside and cool down. Some places around the area include Airlie Gardens, Wrightsville Beach Park, or Brunswick Nature Park.

8) Attend a workout or meditation class

a. It is easy for us to get caught up with stress in our daily lives, we forget to breathe and to take care of our bodies. An important way to do this is by attending workout, yoga or meditation classes. Around Wrightsville beach and near the water many companies offer paddleboarding, beach yoga and surfing lessons. Since it is hot out, there are other ways to get active like doing an at home workout class or going to a studio. Wilmington offers bootcamps, boxing, barre, yoga, or cycling classes to help relieve the stress away.

9) Participate in an activity out of your comfort zone

a. Have you ever been in a conversation where someone tells you “Well maybe you should try a new hobby to take up some of your time or find another way to make you happy?” The time has come for you to devote a day to going out of your comfort zone and trying something you never dreamed of being able to do. Wilmington is the perfect place to try out a new hobby or a bucket list item you have always wanted to accomplish. From skydiving to attending a cooking class, Wilmington has it all. If you are looking for an activity to do with your family, the Battleship of North Carolina is fun to explore and wander through. An idea for just looking to get away from your daily life would be going on a kayaking day trip or organizing a time to go fishing. If you feel uneasy about trying any of these activities on your own there are instructors and places where you are able to rent these items in the Wilmington area!

10) Try a local restaurant

a. It is time to go out of the house and go to eat in the area of Wilmington and try out a new restaurant! This area is known for having some of the best food and restaurants from being on the water or being in the city you cannot go wrong! One of my personal favorite restaurants is Fish House or Bluewater towards Wrightsville beach. They have amazing seafood, and the view is truly an experience to watch the bridge and the boats go by. Downtown Wilmington also has a lot of popular places to eat including the Fork n Cork, The George on the Riverwalk or Black Sea Grill. The restaurants here offer endless opportunities and depending on what you are craving they most likely have it here!