This $20 pink condiment is trending, but should you actually eat it?


A viral tiktok condiment called Pink Sause is causing quite the commotion.

This Pepto-Bismol looking concoction is made by TikTok creator Chef Phii, and she claims it goes well on top of everything like chicken tenders, and tacos.

However, the ingredients of Pink Sauce are causing great concern to some.


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According to the website for pink sauce these are some of the ingredients:


sunflower seed oil

raw honey

distilled vinegar

pitaya, or dragon fruit


pink Himalayan sea salt

less than 2% of dried spices, lemon juice, milk, citric acid

but some are saying that the nutritional label is showing great inconsistencies for the condiment. Some claim that there is milk in the sauce, and therefore if it isn’t shipped or stored properly could be a potential hazard. There are no preservatives listed and that has people curious. How can so many people be so curious that they spend $20 on a pink condiment they see on the internet?

Chef Pii has said in several interviews that she’s been serving the sauce to clients for over a year, and no one has ever gotten sick.

This reminds us of that time that ketchup experimented with different colors...

Would you try this $20 pink condiment?

So far about 700 bottles have been sold according to the brand, and it’s currently sold out.

Kolby Bass

Kolby Bass

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