Waterman’s Brewing Company the perfect place to say goodbye to summer.


Waterman’s Brewing Company is a perfect getaway on the way to Wrightsville Beach. A good size brewery and restaurant welcome you between Eastwood and Wrightsville Avenues on Pavilion Place. I visited on a weekend afternoon to try the beers and have some lunch.

The large outdoor and partially covered patio is a great space to enjoy the day with your pets. The vibe is fun and tropical with an abundance of café lights and elephant ear plants so large you expect exotic birds to fly by.

Entering the massive wooden doors marked with logos reminiscent of Poseidon’s palace, you’ll find a large, yet cozy bar and dining room. While there’s plenty of natural light, the room is chic and low lit with artwork and décor reflective of the sea. This is a cool place.

The dark wood, epoxied bar runs the depth of the restaurant and flaunts two impressive 12 handle taps, a full bar and over 20 wines. I found myself in awe of the large, bright neon Waterman logos over the bar. Very cool.

An extensive food menu from the in-house kitchen will leave you stymied with many choices. After perusing the appetizers, salads, tacos and sandwich choices of beef, pork or seafood, I chose the Eastwood sandwich with chicken and fries. It came out piping hot, with melted cheese, crispy bacon and sautéed onions and was so juicy the bun fell apart (It was a very good thing). The menu is so large and diverse you can come here often and not get the same meal or drink.

But alas, I’m not a restaurant a critic and am here to drink beer.

This decision is also a challenge given Waterman’s 11 brewed beers and a seltzer, 2 guest cider taps and a guest kombucha.

After a thorough review of the menu and tasting notes, and a lot of input from the very helpful and attentive staff, I chose the Hi-Water Hoppy Wheat. This golden, slightly hazy, wheat is a good balance of hoppiness and wheat characteristics and combines the collaboration talents of Ms. Alexis Scrivani, Waterman’s brewmaster, and the team from Hi-Wire brewery. The first whiff is pleasant like a morning walk through the fruit area of the farmer’s market. I picked up the “traditional” grapefruit scent with an additional potent sweetness. The write up attributes this inviting aroma to honeysuckle.

The 30 IBUs hit right off the bat, gives you a split-second break, then hits again with a bitterness followed with a malty finish. There’s complexity here as the sip you start with is not the one with which you finish. This beer impresses like an understated, tricked out Honda Civic in a late-night drag race. I found it to be a very easy drinking, yet flavorful beer. At a 5.4% ABV, you can enjoy a few pints and with a $4 price, one could get in trouble.

For those that really enjoy it, you can purchase Crowlers to go. And for those fanatical enjoyers, you’ll find some very cool merchandise from hats and shirts to glassware and dog bowls to reflect your appreciation.

Overall, this is a cool place where you’ll want to come often to dine, drink and hang out with friends in front of the large fireplace on the cozy couch. And for those with a lot of friends, Waterman’s Brewing Company also has a large event space. I’ll definitely be back. Tell me your favorite spot and beer, and I’ll see you out there.