Burger King has $400M plan to make you fall in love with the Whopper again

(CNN) - Burger King is getting a $400 million upgrade following a rough few years that have seen the fast food giant lag behind its competitors.

Executives are hoping a major investment in restaurants and advertising will strengthen the brand and spark new growth.

Over the next two years, they plan to pump $150 million into advertising and digital products and $250 million into updating restaurant technology, kitchens and remodeling.

A key part of the plan is to make diners fall in love with the Whopper again.

That includes ensuring consistency and beefing up training on making the best possible Whopper.

The branding push will remind customers the burger chain is the “home of the Whopper.”

Burger King will remodel and modernize roughly 800 restaurants and has already changed its logo, packaging, signage and uniforms.