N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission announces 2022 Youth Deer Hunting Day

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has announced that the 2022 Youth Deer Hunting Day will occur on Sept. 24.

Per the announcement, those 17-years-old and younger will be allowed to use guns and/or any other legal equipment to hunt deer of either sex. Those who are at least 18-years old may only use archery gear. Additionally, hunters 17-years-old and younger are not required to be accompanied by an adult if they have completed a “hunter education course.”

All deer hunters must wear blaze orange colors on Sept. 24, even if only using archery equipment, stated the release. The use of dogs by hunters will be allowed if their area permits it.

The Wildlife Commission hopes to increase youth interest in deer hunting by hosting such days. Additionally, they state that such events have been established to help youth increase their success at hunting and to highlight the need for youth to engage in hunting.

Per the announcement, hunters who are at least 16-years-old must purchase a license with a “Big Game Harvest” report card. License-exempt youth must obtain their own “Big Game Harvest Report Card,” which will be available to them at no cost.

For more information about Youth Deer Hunting Day and how to obtain licensure, please visit the N.C. Wildlife Commission website.