Motts Channel Seafood’s Low Country Boil Recipe is great for any occasion.


This crowd-pleasing low country boil features a blend of potatoes, crab, sausage, corn, and clams and is great for leisurely beach visits or any entertaining you do here on the coast.

We are joined by Allison of Motts Channel Seafood to make this delicious meal. It’s relatively easy, and you can feed a crowd in no time. Follow the recipe and the directions below and dazzle your guests with this coastal staple.

Low Country Boil by Motts Channel Seafood


1 pound red potatoes- diced

1 pound smoked sausage or kielbasa

6 ears of corn - halved

24 clams- scrubbed

2 pounds crab legs - optional ( you must love your guests :)

2 pounds shrimp


Old Bay Seasoning


Fill your steam pot to desired level  with water or beer ( I think beer gives it a great flavor)

Once the water/beer is boiling add your red potatoes and add old bay to taste.

Cook potatoes for about 20 minutes until tender. Add the smoked sausage and add more Old Bay

Let cook about 10 minutes

Add your corn and again sprinkie a layer of Old Bay

Let cook about 5-7 minutes

Next add your crab legs and again another sprinkle of Old Bay

Let steam about 10 minutes

Finally add the cleaned clams along with more Old Bay and when they open up it’s ready

Cooks Note:  I cook my shrimp in a separate pot in case anyone has a shellfish allergy


Bring a medium size pot to a boil with Old Bay. When the water is boiling carefully add your shrimp and let cook

1 minute while stirring gently.  Drain in a colander and toss with sea salt.

( The shrimp will continue to cook so once drained I layer them on a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator.)

When you’re ready to dump out the boil you can add the shrimp at that time.

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Kolby Bass

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