A Baby Yoda plush toy is now a thing and our hearts are officially melting

Baby Yoda (Source: Mattel)
Baby Yoda (Source: Mattel)

Even if you haven’t seen the Disney+ original series, The Mandalorian, and have no plans of ever watching it, you still know who Baby Yoda is. And you know that he’s the cutest. Let’s just all agree on that, okay? Okay.

Has the thought of “Did Disney/Star Wars just create Baby Yoda as a way to sell a bunch of Baby Yoda merchandise?” crossed anyone else’s brain yet? It’s crossed mine. But do I care? Absolutely not. Will I still be buying Baby Yoda merchandise? Abso-freaking-lutely.

With that being said, Walmart released the first official Baby Yoda plush toy from Mattel Tuesday on their website for $24.99.

But of course, there’s a catch.

You won’t have it in time for Christmas. *Insert Baby Yoda sad face here*

You can pre-order the “Star Wars The Child 11” Plush” (aka Baby Yoda) now but according to shopdisney.com, it won’t arrive until April 2020… Aka, a time that is too far, far away for our excited Baby Yoda hearts.

Here’s how Mattel describes the toy:

“Fully embrace the cuteness of the 50-year-old Yoda species with this adorable 11-inch plush toy. He may look like Baby Yoda but this lovable creature is referred to as The Child. Inspired by the Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian, this sweet Star Wars plush toy makes a Force-sensitive addition to your collection.”

So far, the only Baby Yoda merchandise that has been released are t-shirts, a coffee mug, and a tote bag that are all available on the shopDisney website.

So yeah, we’re really excited about this toy.

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