A look at Cape Fear Distillery’s new facility and their five spirits

A look at Cape Fear Distillery’s new facility and their five spirits

In 2019 we introduced you to Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery’s distillery, which was the first distillery in Southeastern North Carolina. At the time, they were operating out of a small room with one pot still making only gin.

Since then, they’ve expanded their distillery facility to a much larger space, and they now produce five different spirits.

Alex Munroe, Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery owner, says the move to expand the distillery came with the high demand for their gin.

“We won some national awards with our gin and people started calling up and wanting more of it so we didn’t have the capacity to make as much as we wanted in as quick of time as we wanted,” Munroe said. “So, we made the decision to buy larger stills and a larger distillery with complete manufacturing capabilities and we now have five lines of spirits that we make.”

In addition to their gin, they now have rum, which is made from molasses sourced from local farms, whiskey, which they started aging six years ago, bourbon which is two years old, and vodka, which they plan to release sometime this spring.

4 out of the 5 of Cape Fear Distillery's spirits.
4 out of the 5 of Cape Fear Distillery’s spirits.

Munroe says all the products have been very well received so far and they even have national recognition for them. Outside of North Carolina, he says they’re selling in Las Vegas and Florida and other parts around the country.

“All of our products have won multi-national or international awards for taste and design,” Munroe said. “They carry the Cape Fear name which is known all around the country and we get a lot of bang for our buck out of that. The bottles look good on the shelves in restaurants and in the ABC stores so they’re doing really well.”

Munroe is proud of all of the products they produce, but he says the spirit he has the most heart and soul in is the Solera Whiskey. They have been working on it since 2015 and he says he only knows of two other whiskeys in the market like it.

“Solera is the Spanish word for ‘ground,’” Munroe said. “We take three rows of barrels stacked vertically on top of each other. And once a year we take out half the contents of the bottom barrel, put half the contents of the middle barrel into the bottom barrel, half the contents of the top barrel into the middle barrel, and only put new whiskey into the top barrel. And it’s a cascading effect. Very arduous. Very time consuming.”

If you’re interested in learning more about any of Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery’s new spirits or anything else they offer including their cottages, and restaurant, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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