After closing its doors for good, popular Wilmington vegan restaurant announces reopening under new owner

Sealevel City Diner renovations (Source: @sealevelcitydiner)
Sealevel City Diner renovations (Source: @sealevelcitydiner)

Sealevel City Gourmet, a popular vegan restaurant in Wilmington announced they would be closing their doors for good earlier this summer.

But now, vegans and vegetarians in the Port City have something to look forward to again.

The restaurant has been bought and will reopen under new management.

Kelsey Gibbs, owner of The Wonder Shop, a vintage clothing store in downtown Wilmington, along with her husband Scott Key and her mom, Cherry Gibbs will be running the new Sealevel.

“We’ve been dining at Sealevel every week for many years, loyal customers,” Gibbs said. “I’ve always promoted this place so hard to my friends, family, and through my vintage clothing store downtown, The Wonder Shop. So when Nikki was ready to pass the torch, we decided as a family that this was a serendipitous next step for us!”

Gibbs says it will remain a vegan restaurant under the slightly different name of “Sealevel City Vegan Diner.”

“We’ll open with the vegan version of Nikki’s original menu,” Gibbs said referring to the menu under Sealevels previous owner. “After we get situated we’ll have a grand opening and expand the menu, adding some other creative options.”

Gibbs added that Nikki has passed on some of her “super successful recipes” and a great fan base. She says there are already plenty of meat eaters that are fans of the restaurant so they encourage everyone to come try it once they reopen.

One thing Gibbs says she wants to focus on is operating with low-waste practices.

“I think it’s very important for restaurant and retail operations to reduce the use of disposable products, compost their food waste, and properly recycle,” Gibbs said. “I’m a total trash nerd when it comes to that.”

An official reopen date has not been announced yet. Gibbs says it will be a few months. According to their Instagram, @sealevelcitydiner, they are giving the restaurant a makeover but still making sure to keeps some of the memories of the “OG” Sealevel City Gourmet.

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