Bitty & Beau’s is now brewing up coffee for schools across America

Bitty & Beau's Coffee Cart (Source: Bitty & Beau's)
Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Cart (Source: Bitty & Beau’s)

Over the past three years, Bitty & Beau’s has opened up three locations around the country with a fourth location on the way.

Soon, they’ll be in even more places across America.

For the first time, they’re rolling out Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Cart to “help change the way people see other people.”

The coffee shop has been teasing the carts on their Facebook page for the past week and released the sign-up sheet on their website Friday.

“Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Carts will be a catalyst in schools for creating a culture where diversity is not just appreciated, it’s celebrated,” they said in a Facebook post about the new coffee carts.

To sign up your school for a Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Cart, click the link here.

Once you fill out the online form, Bitty & Beau’s will email you their Coffee Cart info packet.

“Join the movement and start brewing up a conversation at your school about the value, inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities,” they said.

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