Boca Bay rebrands to Soundside Seafood & Raw Bar with updated menu, focus on fresh local seafood

Soundside new menu items. (Photo credit: Pam Varela)
New Soundside menu items. (Photo credit: Pam Varela)

A popular Wilmington restaurant has officially reopened under a new name with an updated menu.

What was formerly known as Boca Bay is now Soundside Seafood & Raw Bar.

Tuna Burger (Photo credit: Pam Varela)
Tuna Burger (Photo credit: Pam Varela)

According to a press release, the decision came last year while the restaurant was shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions. Boca Bay took that time to tackle some maintenance issues but realized during the process that a much larger scale renovation was needed.

“We also saw this as an opportunity to make some updates to the overall aesthetics and give the restaurant a more modern and casual atmosphere,” said co-owner Stacey Jennings.

During these renovations, a larger conversation came up about the need for an updated menu.

Chef KC Weaver (Photo credit: Pam Varela)
Chef KC Weaver (Photo credit: Pam Varela)

They decided to expand their seafood menu and hyper focus it on fresh local seafood.

“In all our offerings, there will be an emphasis on who caught it, when it was caught and where it was caught,” said co-owner Kevin Jennings.

Chef KC Weaver has led the menu change and says he is excited about the new emphasis on fresh, local seafood.

“To be able to cook with fresh, locally sourced seafood to create delicious daily features, is something I’m extremely excited about executing,” Weaver said.

Some of the new menu items include a Seafood Tower and expanded steamed and raw seafood bar offerings, small plate selections like Steak Tartare and Flounder Tacos, Tuna Burger and Fried Oyster Po’boy sandwich selections, Oyster Rockefeller, Shrimp Scampi, and Seared Scallops.

Oysters Rockefeller (Photo credit: Pam Varela)
Oysters Rockefeller (Photo credit: Pam Varela)

“Rebranding to Soundside will enable us to expand our fresh seafood offerings, as well as further supporting our local seafood and oyster community,” said General manager Sue Bayrd.

They are also planning to bring back brunch for Mother’s Day, with plans to permanently reinstate brunch as soon as they can get new staff in place.

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

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