Dance the night away for a great cause at the Last Chance for White Pants gala

Lower Cape Fear Hospice’s Last Chance for White Pants gala is coming up on Saturday, August 24th.

Lower Cape Fear Hospice’s Last Chance for White Pants gala is coming up on Saturday, August 24th.

The event is presented by and will be held at Audi Cape Fear from 7 p.m. – midnight.

Before it was held at Audi, it was at the Coastline Convention Center and sponsored by Land Rover.

Audi Cape Fear Owner, AJ Aliah, said he attended the gala during the years it was held there and fell in love with the concept of the gala and the hospice mission.

“When I first walked in it was so evident that it was so different than all the other events that I’d been to,” Aliah said. “Everybody was casual. Everybody was celebrating. I felt like I was with a bunch of friends. It was evident that hospice put on a gala that was very different. When I had that electrifying experience, we decided to sponsor it every year thereafter.”

So when the Audi Cape Fear dealership was built in 2015, the gala was moved to be held there.

Aliah says before the gala, they take all the cars out of the showroom and parking lot and then the hospice team comes in and transforms the place.

“[They] make it really magical,” Aliah said. “You don’t feel like you’re in a car dealership at all.”

Each year the gala features a silent and a live auction. This year, they are auctioning off something extra special – a custom made, one of a kind surfboard.

The board was designed by Kim Emory, project manager at Lower Cape Fear Hospice, and made by Savage Surboards.

Kenny Briel with Savage Surboards said he was honored to make the board for this event because he has had two friends go through hospice facilities and knows what great work they do.

[More on the custom-made, one of a kind surfboard here]

Aliah says his goal for the gala is to raise awareness about the great work hospice does.

“We want to raise awareness for such an incredible cause,” Aliah said. “They work so hard to provide hospice care to people that can’t necessarily afford it. And every year they manage to make it fresh, exciting, new, different. And it just gets better and better and better.”

To get tickets to the gala, visit their website by clicking here.

For help deciding what to wear to the gala, click here!

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