Enjoy a unique getaway experience in one of the eclectic Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery cottages

Looking for a great “day-cation”? Look no further than Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery.

Looking for a great “day-cation”? Look no further than Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery.

Located in Elizabethtown in Bladen County, Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery has everything you could ever dream of for the perfect getaway.

Tourists and locals alike call it Bladen County’s hidden gem.

Aside from the vineyard and winery, they also have 20 acres of animals including miniature horses, miniature donkeys, llamas, and even a couple peacocks.

And if you’re feeling gin over wine, they also have a distillery where they make their own gin.

Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery has its very own restaurant on site called the Cork Room.

They also host events, weddings, corporate getaways and more.

“Some people said ‘Hey, this would be a great place to get away and escape to for a night or two,’” Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery owner Alex Munroe said. “So, we said ‘Okay, we’ll build some cottages out here.’”

They now have 12 different cottages on their property. They are all different sizes and each one has a different theme.

Some of the themes include Cape Fear, The Rose Garden, Jazz, Bees Knees, Maritime, and more.

Cottages come with king sized beds, queen beds, or double beds. Some have pull out couches as well.

Munroe says the cottages are a play on the overall theme of the winery.

“It’s a very eccentric place,” Munroe said. “We’ve got one of the largest rock n roll paraphernalia collections that you’ll find in Southeastern North Carolina. One of the largest celebrity art collections you’ll find anywhere.”

The cottages are an extension of the things they have going on at the winery according to Munroe.

If you want to experience the cottages for yourself, you have the chance to win a free weeknight stay! Just enter the contest by clicking here. You have until August 28, 2019 to enter.

For more information on Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery and their cottages, visit their website here.

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