Foxes Boxes provides more than just healthy and delicious food for the community

It’s about inspiring individuals with employment barriers by providing innovating job training experience.

FEEDING THE FEARLESS: This is our last Feeding the Fearless segment where we highlight a local restaurant in the Cape Fear region and our segment sponsor, Corning Credit Union buys a $100 gift card from that restaurant and donates it to a team of medical professionals. In honor of Memorial Day, this week’s gift card will go to the nursing staff at the Wilmington VA Clinic.


Foxes Boxes in Wilmington is a restaurant whose mission is about more than just serving up healthy and delicious food. It’s about inspiring individuals with employment barriers by providing innovating job training experience.

Rachel and Randy Fox opened the restaurant in 2016 with the goal of having it be a “creative eatery with a social aspect to it.”

“Like giving back or something to address some of our issues that were important to us as a family,” Rachel said.

The restaurant is also a non-profit that serves a job training center for their Externship Academy.

The Externship Academy is a program that helps individuals who have employment barriers.

“It’s a hand-on, in the moment training where we work with them so they can learn customer service, and different things that they’re going to apply to hopefully something in the restaurant industry but we try to keep it broad so that it can fulfill really any industry they want to go into,” Randy said.

As for the food, it’s always fresh.

“One of the biggest things we wanted to accomplish when we opened was, because this area was a food desert, we wanted to make sure that we offered something affordable and fresh and healthy to everyone,” Randy said.

Everything is made to order. Nothing is made ahead of time. And everything is prepped every morning.

Rachel said they drew a lot of inspiration for the menu items based on what they made for their three kids while they were growing up. For example, peanut butter and fresh strawberry wraps.

The couple made the hard decision to close the restaurant in March due to the pandemic.

“This pandemic has been emotional,” Rachel said. “Our restaurant, really it’s foundation is in community. It’s in connecting with people.  And the idea of not being able to hug and not being able to be close to one another is really challenging.”

But there’s good news. In early June, Rachel and Randy are hoping June 2nd, they will open back up for online and pick up orders only.

To place an online order, click here or you can order over the phone at 910-769-0125.

The couple says their favorite part about the restaurant is how well they have been able to get to know everybody in the community.

“This really feels like our community and our little neighborhood,” Randy said. “I can go outside and see neighbors and you know you wave at people and you know them.”

“Food brings people to the table. Food brings people together,” Rachel said. “It nourishes us in so many ways other than health wise and so that whole thing has been pretty amazing.”

For more information on Foxes Boxes visit their Facebook page here or their website here.

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