‘Friends’ fans won’t want to miss these hidden gems on Google

Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are hitting the silver screen for the show’s 25th anniversary.

In honor of the milestone anniversary, ‘Friends,’ hit select movie theaters nationwide this week, but don’t worry if you missed the showings. You’ll have a chance to catch the gang Sept. 28 and Oct. 2 at AMC Wilmington 16 or Regal Mayfaire Stadium 16.

[Not in Wilmington? Click here to find a theater near you.]

They were on a break! — but unfortunately, there won’t be any new episodes. Instead, each showing will air four episodes:

  • Sept. 28: The OneWith The Prom Video, The One Where No One’s Ready, The One With The Morning After, The One With The Embryos
  • Oct. 2: The One With Chandler In A Box, The One With Ross’s Wedding – Part 2, The One Where Everyone Finds Out, The One Where Ross Got High

In conjunction with the big-screen reunion, Google launched some easter eggs to add a little fun. Just search for one of the six main characters from the show to find the hidden treat. Click on the cartoon icon featured in quick facts card to relive a classic moment of that character.

For example, ‘Smelly Cat’ will play while a cat walks across the screen if you click on the guitar icon that appears after a search of Phoebe Buffay.

Which ‘Friends’ character is YOUR favorite?

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