Indochine owner to open new restaurant later this month

Indochine owner to open new restaurant later this month
Indochine owner to open new restaurant later this month

First there was Indochine, then came Indochine Express. Next on the list for the beloved Wilmington restaurant owner is a new restaurant called Café Chinois.

Solange Thompson, Indochine owner, says the theme of her new restaurant is “where food meets art and art meets food.”

Art at Indochine.
Art at Indochine.

Café Chinois will take over the space where Southern Thai used to be.

Thompson says they will serve the same menu as Southern Thai but they will also be adding some new Vietnamese and Korean dishes. She says it will be a very casual space.

“It’s not very plush or anything but it very simple and a nice place to relax,” Thompson said.

They will have everything from Vietnamese crepes to low carb dishes, vegetarian dishes, and everything in between. Thompson says she’s most excited for the crepes.

Aside from all the excitement around their new opening, Thompson says she’s proud to bring another restaurant to Wilmington and hopes it will live up to the Indochine name.

(Indochine Express - Source: WECT)
(Indochine Express – Source: WECT)

“I’m very proud to be part of this community,” Thompson said. “People [know] Indochine has a good name. So I would like Chinois to also continue that into the future.”

Thompson also said she’s looking to open another Indochine Express in Leland.

“I’ve had people emailing me and texting me saying ‘When are you going to move to Leland?’,” she said.

Café Chinois is Thompson’s priority right now but once she gets it up and running, hopefully an Indochine Express will be in Leland’s future.

There is no official opening date for Café Chinois right now but Thompson said they are planning to open by the end of the month.

We will update this story when they announce and official opening date.

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